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Get in-depth knowledge of domain flipping strategies and start making money online.

Do you own a domain name? There are more than 362 million domain names registered worldwide, so I bet you do.
Hundreds of millions of people own a domain, but very few understand the true power of domain names and the enormous potential value they bring to their businesses.
Here’s Example I bought a Domain name “X” for Rs 199 from GoDaddy and sold it to a public listed company for six figures (INR) (Will share this case study in Webinar).

Also, how do you think those companies you use every day got their start?
Did you know that Dropbox.com started out as GetDropbox.com, Facebook.com was TheFacebook.com, and Uber.com started out as UberCab.com? Imagine if these businesses hadn’t snagged such valuable domains.
Do you think they’d be as successful?

In short: Domain names are like real estate. Snag a great plot, and it can add literally millions to the value of your property (…in this case, your business). Whether you’re an investor, broker, webmaster, consultant, marketer or entrepreneur, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills that’ll make you an invaluable asset to your company, customers and shareholders.

You’ll not only learn proven tactics and skills but will also gain access to the same processes that hundreds of elite domain name investors, brokers, and entrepreneurs have shared on DomainSherpa. This kind of education is priceless… I am not a Guru but a learner and sharing what I learned in my life so far as a domain investor.


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Shivam is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant for different startups.


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