• Instructor: skillcircle
  • Lectures: 11
  • Quizzes: 3
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Google Ads is an advertising platform from Google which is based on the Pay Per Click (PPC) model. What sets it apart from other PPC platforms (like Facebook) is that Google Ads offers two basic approaches to reach your target audience viz. through:

  1. Google Search Network i.e based on the commonly searched keywords by the users.
  2. Google Display Network i.e. based on showcasing your “display or banner ads” on the website where your target user is currently at.

Undertaking a Google Ads Certification Course is a sure shot way to ensure an
exponential growth in a transparent manner for any business. This flexible marketing platform has a lot to offer in the terms of high Returns on Investment for any business. Further, Google Ads Certification Course opens new doors of opportunities for working professionals due to rising demands for Google Ads Professionals in the market.

SkillCircle, as one of the premium Google Adwords Institutes in Delhi, offers a Step-by-Step Google Adwords Course under the mentorship of industry experts. The students can leverage the course by learning the intricacies and practicalities involved in the execution process of Google Ads.

Our Google Adwords Course broadly covers the following areas:

Targeting your Ads
Managing your campaigns
Controlling your cost
Measuring your success

Why Choose Google Adwords Course?

High paying jobs
Plethora of job opportunities due to wide application across various industries
High raise in current salary
Increase in high-quality traffic leading to business growth
Comparatively quick and faster than SEO
Gives an edge over the competitors

Shivam is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant for different startups.