Influencer Marketing is a persuasive online tool for marketing that involves  collaboration between a brand and an influencer with strong background, good social presence and a noticeable influence over the common public. We, at SkillCircle understand the growing demand for influencer marketing in India, and how it impacts one’s business and career. Hence, we focus on imparting an in-depth knowledge of influencer marketing campaigns and strategies that work in today’s era. 

What makes our Influencer Marketing Course Unique?

Guidance under the mentorship of Digital Pratik, India’s renowned digital marketing & personal branding consultant, Social Media Influencer on Instagram, TikTok & Facebook, a leading social media communicator and Keynote Speaker certainly makes our course stand out. His experience speaks for itself as he has guided many renowned professionals and amateurs. Over the years, Pratik has explored, implemented and taught effective ways of marketing, branding and optimising the workflow.  Thus, he is now recognised as a “Valuable Virtual Consultant” across India. We, at SkillCircle, as a leading Influencer Marketing agency in India take pride in the fact that our students are guided under the mentorship of Digital Pratik.

What would you learn in Influencer Marketing Course?

  1. How to find influencers?
  2. How to pitch a social media influencer?
  3. How to work with influencers to achieve marketing objectives?
  4. How to run influencer campaigns?
  5. How to create great content for influencer marketing?
  6. How to monitor marketing results?
  7. How to strategize to improve ROI on marketing?

Why Choose Influencer Marketing Course?

  1. It would lead to your career growth in the current organisation 
  2. It would highly impact the growth of your existing business
  3. It would instantly spread a word about your start-up 
  4. It would build and strengthen your relationships with online influencers
  5. It would make you appear competitive for upcoming employment opportunities
  6. As an influencer, you would make more side income by learning about influencer marketing services

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Shivam is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant for different startups.


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