What are the 6 major steps to create a perfect website design?

In today’s world website designing has become a trend in the market. The world of web designing is rapidly increasing and improving constantly. Technology as well a consumers have evolved, new digital tools have emerged. So, now people are more interested in web development. People should know how to create a perfect website design.

In this article we will be going to learn how create a perfect website design by focusing only on 6 main steps. Before this make sure that you have a domain name and do get hosting link to that domain.

6 steps for a perfect website design:

STEP:1Requirements and demands of client:

The initial or the very first step is all about your requirements i.e., what you or your client wants in the website. You have to make a strategy as you are not making a website that only looks attractive, you are designing an interface that will help your website to fulfil all the requirements and grow your website. So you have to set a goal of your requirements and be focused on what you want on the website.

STEP:2 Audience:

The 2nd and the most important step is that identify your audience. You have to be aware about what you are posting in that website and which type of audience is going to love it. So initially target only those audience who are interested on what you are posting in the website. This can be done through many ways like advertising, and this is obvious. The other way is to engage in social media that is use social media channels to promote your content. This will really help in increasing traffic in your website. You can also make attractive headlines and use Guest blogging. Provide internal linking and create posts regularly to grab the attention of the audience. “Connect with people, follow, and share .”

STEP:3- Creative ideas:

The 3rd step is all about your concepts and ideas that you are getting to put together . Always store all your ideas in private who knows your today’s flop concept may be a big hit in future internet world. You should have a visualization of your ideas. You have to be creative in this so that the design of the website may be more attractive and gathers more traffic.

STEP:4Looks of the website:

Now here comes the design of the website. Make sure that the website theme is based on the content you are dealing about. This will make the website looks more attractive to the audience. In this step, you will have to create an attractive website using basic eye-catching elements. This may include themes, images, GIFs, widgets and many more. Do finalize the overall look of the website with the client before moving towards any further development.

STEP:5 Publishing or launching the website:

Now you are almost completed with your website design so in this step you are ready to launch your website. Do revise the content you are going to publish and customize the look of the website to fit your brand. As long as you think you are ready to go publish it then, the other requirements may be fulfilled or updated later on. When stating facts, make sure that you are linking to creditable sources.

Here is an interview about the experience of Anurag Ahuja in social media marketing in skillcircle:

STEP:6 Managing the site :

So your website is on internet now. For smooth working of your website you have to post relatable content simultaneously and maintain your website. Choose the right website builder. Optimize your website for SEO. Use your marketing skills and experience. Always review the interest of the audience and post accordingly. Observe how the internet is behaving. You can also create a sense of community within your site as this will lead to sharing of views of audience. For a healthy website a good comment section is also required where anyone can interact with the owner.

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